Inside <3

As children, we have so many moments of that tickle-you- from- the- inside– happiness. Those moments of happiness where our whole bodies radiate our joy. Moments like jumping into a swimming pool, seeing mum and dad come home, your favorite food being served, watching your school’s name come across the tv on a snow day and Christmas morning. The list could go on. It seems that in our adult life that list gets shorter and shorter. An immunity to happiness of some sort. Or as if events in life callus our hearts just enough to dull our radiating joy. Sad, isn’t it? The thing is, I don’t think the list gets shorter. I think our adult mind is just so busy it doesn’t register that extent of happiness.

Open for a challenge? Take more cleansing deep breaths through your day. Recognize the things that pierce your body with excitement…. the perfect temperature, a smooth commute, a call at work with a happy customer, a good cup of coffee, passing a smiling stranger.  These moments occur daily. They STILL happen. Don’t let your adult mind excuse them. Acknowledge them, be thankful for them and swim in your own happiness.

Its starts on the inside. You choose. So choose happy.

With love,


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